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‘Fortnite’ Season 6 Appears To Be Headlined By Neymar, Yes That Neymar

Fortnite has begun to tease season 6 which launches in just a couple days here with some audio recordings and a few floating images to accompany them.

But what fans have been able to extract at this point, and what has effectively been confirmed by both Fortnite and the man himself, is that Neymar is apparently going to be a big part of the launch of season 6. Yes, that Neymar, the internationally famous, all-time great soccer star.

The clues were visible in the first teaser from yesterday, where it showed a skin with the #10 on it next to what very much appeared to be Brazil World Cup soccer balls.

Today’s teaser shows what appears to be a modified cleat, and it seems like this skin is not going to be literally just Neymar in a soccer kit, but some sort of superheroic version of him. It might even be a werewolf transformation skin or something, if other clues in the images pan out. The cleat has claws, there are wolf teeth in another teaser, so who knows.
This connection was confirmed by Neymar making an “eyes” emoji when the season 6 tease went out. Before this, Fortnite Brasil uploading a picture of a loot llama with one of Neymar’s old mohawk haircuts.

Yes, Neymar plays Fortnite, and has played with pros like Ninja in the past, so this isn’t completely out of nowhere. It continues Fortnite partnering with celebrities for “Icon” skins, though so far that has mainly been streamers like Lachlan, Loserfruit and Ninja or musicians like Marshmello or Travis Scott. Neymar would be the first individual athlete with their likeness featured, though Fortnite has partnered with football clubs and the NFL for branded skins for specific teams in the past. Just not specific players.

What’s not clear is if Neymar is in the battle pass, or leading the battle pass as the Tier 1 or 100 or secret skin, but my guess is yes, one of those is correct, as I don’t know why he would be in the season 6 teaser otherwise. They don’t usually preview skins that end up being sold in the store like this.

The “plot” heading into this season is that all reality is about to collapse and we’ll have to prevent that as Agent Jonesy in an introductory mission to start season 6. How Neymar plays into this is unclear, and he will join a roster of Marvel and DC superheroes, along with movie and video game icons like Master Chief, Kratos, Ripley and Predator which all joined the game the past two seasons. It’s a bit of an odd transition from fictional icons to uh, Neymar, but this is Fortnite, and Fortnite does whatever it wants with whoever it wants. And now it wants Neymar.

We will see if there are any further Neymar clues today, but I think we may just have the cleat. Another teaser will arrive tomorrow and we’ll see if it’s just him showing up this season, or if this could be an athlete-focused thing with other stars showing up as well. More to come.

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